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KCC team members application
Help to improve our experience

Positions Description:

  • Designer: You will be working on designing our posters with a team of designers  

  • Marketer: You will be responsible for our marketing campaigns through different channels.

  • Content creator: Producing educational material on our social media platforms depending on some sources that we have.

  • Case Trainer: You will be part of a team that will be training students on case studies.

  • Public Relations: ‪To build and maintain positive public Relations for our club.

  • Documentation Team:  To write reports for the club events & take pics to document our events.​​

  • Operation Team: You will be part of a team that will be responsible for organizing all our events.

  • Podcast team: You will be working on producing, editing, scripting our podcast.

What position at KFUPM Consulting Club (KCC) you are interested in?

Rate yourself in the position you chose:
How many Case Studies have you solved?
Have you been enrolled in BCG Jeal Tamooh or Mckinsey EDAD
Have you been interviewed by a consulting company previously?
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