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We help to Build your Consulting Career

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About us

KFUPM Consulting Club (KCC) is a KFUPM student organization with an active student base of +6000 beneficiaries. KCC conducts many programs to assist KFUPM students on their consulting job hunt, with an emphasis on interview workshops, leaders’ panels, networking events, and case competitions.

Our Mission


Prepare students by introducing consulting and help them to acquire the necessary skills to join the industry.


Connect students with other peers who share interest in the consulting industry, where they can share resources and experiences to help each other in joining the industry.

Build mutually beneficial relationships with companies that help us create a stronger pool of candidates for consulting companies.

Invite leaders in various sectors to talk more about their sectors and their relevance to the consulting Industry.



Provide pro-bono consulting to real-world clients, thus giving back to the community while exposing selected students to an intense and hands-on experience in management consulting.

Our Goals

We aim to introduce the consulting industry to KFUPM students and build an environment in which students learn the necessary skills, share their knowledge and experiences to facilitate their joining to top consulting firms.

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